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Cosmic Kids
Age of pupils: 4 - 10
Every day, millions of children across the globe tune into the Cosmic Kids YouTube channel to learn how to do yoga, practice mindfulness, and meditate. These uplifting colorful videos aren’t just fun, though. Parents and teachers also say Cosmic Kids exercises help kids improve emotional self-regulation, attention spans, and, perhaps surprisingly, empathy. These exercises also meet official guidelines for physical activity in children in the UK. They offer cardiovascular activity, muscle strengthening, and bone strengthening benefits. That means your child can safely supplement their typical physical education routines with Cosmic Kids Yoga. You and your kids can watch the channel free on the Cosmic Kids YouTube channel or, if you’d like to skip the ads, you can purchase the Cosmic Kids App for $65 per year or $10 per month. Want to try before you buy? You can with the app’s 14-day free trial.

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