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Calliope gGmbH
Age of pupils: 4 - 17
Calliope is a Dutch non-profit company with the mission of teaching children to program in a safe and fun way. Their best-selling microcontroller, the Calliope Mini, is a circuit that allows kids to program their own controller for online games, lights, calculators, and other inventions. The Mini has a speaker for voice recording and a 5x5 LED light matrix plus motion, light, and temperature sensors. The Calliope microcontroller also integrates with other educational products your kids love. For example, you can hook up the controller to creations in Scratch, a free app that allows children to design their own interactive stories, animations, and games. The Calliope Mini can also serve as a microphone and a radio so users can play music or make voice recording. With the ability to program the Calliope Mini to display images in the LED light matrix, send secret messages in Morse code, and so much more, it’s no wonder why parents and teachers alike love the Calliope Mini.

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