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Age of pupils: 4 - 9
Caper provides parents with an instant, creative solution to keeping kids 4-9 years physically active and happy. With their interactive, story-led experiences, Caper helps parents get the whole family involved in fun, educational, engaging ‘missions’ that can be completed at home or outdoors in private spaces. They have made Caper FREE to help parents during COVID19 lockdowns. Capers involve minimum screen time, and maximum creativity and play. Caper are constantly expanding their range of available missions to suit different environments, age ranges and play styles. Each Caper starts with a ‘virtual phone call’ from hero, Captain Redtail or one of his associates. Parents can choose when to receive the ‘call’ and get the whole family involved with the story. Whether it’s helping to relaunch Captain Redtail’s ship, building a den to shelter from the rain, or singing a song for Granny Redtail, children and adults alike love the world of creative adventures Caper offers.

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