Funny Bugs/ Giggle Worms

Funny Bugs/ Giggle Worms

Funny Bugs/ Giggle Worms

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Activities in Funny Bugs include:

  • Socialisation activities teach children how to function in a group, listen and follow directions, communicate with others, share, and take turns.
  • Activities focused on emotional development build comfort in a group and help children deal with success and failure.
  • “Circuit” format ensures continual movement and minimizes waiting. 
  • More challenging, developmentally appropriate gymnastics skills 
  • “Free play and exploration” are incorporated into the learning time on the gymnastics equipment.
  • Children learn and perform gymnastics routines for the parents during Show Week.

Activities in Giggle Worms include:

  • Tumbling skills, preceded by locomotor movements, are introduced and mastered
  • Multiple skills are taught simultaneously, reinforcing the children’s ability to handle more complex directions.
  • More challenging gymnastics skills help children become stronger, more agile, more coordinated, and more self-confident.

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