Wandsworth Public Class: Saturdays

Wandsworth Public Class: Saturdays

Wandsworth Public Class: Saturdays

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Wandsworth Classes

Day/time: Saturdays

09.30 – 10.20   4-5 years £125  
10.30 – 11.30   6-7 years £135  
11.35 – 12.45   8-12 years £145

Our Funky Moves dance style is taught in all of our public classes. This style combines commercial and street dance. Our classes improve the children's co-ordination, fitness, strength and confidence while learning amazing moves and having SO much fun! Each routine has some of their own freestyle dancing included, which encourages their creativity and also increases their confidence dramatically. The kids work on their two routines which they have learnt during the term of classes, perfecting the moves whilst also finding their own groove. The routines are often taught by two different teachers, so they get a combination of styles which is great for their development as little dancers. At the end of each term there is a performance for the parents to see the incredible achievement the kids have mad

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