Intermediate Ballet

Intermediate Ballet

Intermediate Ballet

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Ballet classes follow the RAD syllabi which are set according to age and ability. Generally speaking children take one exam a year and therefore move up the Grade system from 1 – 8. After Grade 5 it is possible to follow the more vocational route via Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced 1 & 2. 

All children will be considered to enter into an examination held at the RAD Headquarters in Battersea. Examinations are held 3 times a year. However, it is not compulsory. In addition talented children will be encouraged to audition to be a Junior or Mid Associate with the Royal Ballet School and Central Ballet School

However, some children just wish to learn ballet out of pure enjoyment and all children will benefit with better posture, enhanced musicality, concentration, making new friends and just general competitive ability within the classes. 

A School Show is held every year open to the public and prizes are given to pupils that teachers have nominated during the year.


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