Music Classes (age-specific)

Music Classes (age-specific)

Music Classes (age-specific)

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Music Kindergarten classes are taught in age specific groups, and are suitable for toddlers (1-3 y.o.) and preschoolers (3-5 y.o.). Special introductory baby groups (6-12 m.o.) also available. 

The classes will introduce the basic music concepts, always within the framework of developmentally appropriate songs, games and activities. Children will gradually learn to associate the sounds heard internally with their written symbols and will be provided with the required foundation in order to progress to instrumental or vocal training. Contact us for further information about the classes!

- Classes based on the Kodály, Orff & Dalcroze methods
- Variety of musical activities
- Folk and specifically composed songs, with actions, call-and-response, memory and copying games, etc

- Classes run during term time only (10 lessons / term)
- End of term/year concerts to celebrate and have even more fun!
- Plenty of movement, instrument playing, and of course singing!


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