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We have built a range of solutions to fit all business sizes, and give you the best return possible, while getting right in front of the right audience for you.

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Social Marketing Packages

Basic Package

Affordable if you want to dip your toe in the waters of social marketing.

With this package, we'll get you onto our basic social digital catalogues, and dynamically target your offering to parents in your catchment area, who are perfectly poised to make a booking.

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Premium Package

Supercharge your social presence with our premium package.

With this package, you'll never miss a beat. We'll add you onto our premium social digital catalogues, giving you the best dynamic targeting services, with the most optimised spend and constant adjustments for the best ROI social can give.

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Newsletters & Email Shots | Reach our 30,000 parents from £50

Dedicated Feature

Be the centre of attention and have a whole email shot just for your listing's.

All of our 30,000 parents will be seeing just you, and have direct links and contact details to you.



Test things out, and share the spotlight with a newsletter feature.

Reach our 30,000 parents as one of a number of listings on the email shot.


Listicle (Top 10's)

Be featured in our quick and easy listicle feature lists. Our Top 10's are a great way for you to be put at the forefront of parents minds, when looking for activities for the kids.


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