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We know that the summer is a time when there’s a million and one things that young people can experience; whether it’s hitting the festival scene, holidays abroad or spending time with the family – it’s YOUR time and it’s up to YOU how you spend it.

Call us biased, but we think summer camp offers you something very special, cultural and unique...

Xover Camps cater for all sorts of sporting fields. So whether your interests lie in dance, Basketball, football or even water sports, you’ll be able to find the activities that are ideal for you!

Xover Camps are now taking bookings for spaces on our July 2016 Summer Sports Camp.

We encourage all schools, parents alike to encourage their children to participate in sport regularly we firmly believe that the most effective exercise programmes are the ones that are made enjoyable, which in turn have a powerful and positive effect on the participants that are taking part.

Book your space now for an action packed Summer Holiday.


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