Junior Weekend Robotics Club

Junior Weekend Robotics Club

Junior Weekend Robotics Club

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Love building and making, but also want to learn to code? Come join us this Autumn for our Weekend Robotics Club where we will be combining coding with engineering to construct and manipulate our own LEGO creations – all levels welcome!

Course Description

LEGO WeDo is a construction kit that helps new coders understand core concepts of engineering and robotics by building LEGO models.

Our young engineers will have fun exploring these kits while learning to code in Scratch, a block based programming language. Scratch is fantastic tool for getting children into coding and is used widely in UK schools. https://scratch.mit.edu/

Topics Covered
– Interpretation of 3D and 2D systems: we learn about x, y and even z axis
– Loops: a vital concept in learning any coding language
– Outputs: we learn how to make things shake and move with motors
– Robotic sensors: we will understand how robots interpret data from the physical world

We operate a BYOL policy (bring your own laptop).


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